Looting for America

There are so many political and fiscal fiascos and frauds going on that only the Internet could contain them, since its capacity borders on the infinite. But some at least are connected and to clear up the one is to clear out the other. Let’s take our money and where it goes. We already know 1.3 Trillion goes annually to National Security Spending. A sizable chunk of our 13.5 Trillion GDP. Quite literally, 16 million American kids go to bed hungry every night; vital jobs (for security, one might add) are left unfilled in firefighting and local police; schools are decaying, even the universities are dropping programs and closing buildings. Health care is an horrendous Medusa of high costs and low outcomes. These cutbacks and catastrophes are necessary so we can pay for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the conquest of the moon and then Mars, subsidies to Big Oil, Agribusiness and even Old King Cotton. Smart people are aware of this and do protest, smart people expose and analyze. But it all comes up against a stonewall of arm-linked lobbyists, Congress, and captured regulatory agencies, abetted by a crazed army of professional knaves and spectacularly ignorant fools.

Such varied and gifted leaders as Obama, Cuomo, Bloomberg feel they must play ball with this Leviathan to win the tiniest of ameliorations.

We ain’t got a prominent public sphere of intelligent and honest metrics for anything we are after or are trying to maintain. Las Vegas casinos and Apple Computer know exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it and who is doing it with all sorts of careful numbers. Compare them with such befuddled frauds as Petraeus, Karzai, and our Senate of Berlusconis.