The Real Welfare Chiselers

Dialysis is paid for totally by the government and has been since the seventies at enormous cost. Almost all dialysis is administered in for-profit centers which cut costs and salaries as drastically as feasible. So there are many “accidents” [old overused equipment and underpaid “technicians” in place of nurses and doctors]. Generally, dialysis patients in France live longer and suffer far fewer “incidents.” Because of costs to the government, dialysis for medicare patients is rationed and these patients get very sick at times, which of course costs medicare more.

The various aid programs for students from the feds has spawned degree and certificate for-profit mills, which aggressively recruit foreign students (facilitating visas, etc.) and lower-class poor Americans for useless programs whose promise is cruelly exaggerated.

I am on Medicare and my podiatrist (a good man, I hasten to add) ordered a custom-made brace for both ankles and feet. The supplier charged Medicare over five grand, to my jaw-dropping astonishment. I also need a CPAP machine which I initially obtained through a company approved by my insurance company (and Medicare). When I found out what the company was charging I switched to a company who only deals directly with patients though I had to pay myself. It wound up being about the same cost to me after copays and deductibles. So the outrageous overcharge went directly to profit and the extra administrative costs of filing forms, etc.

Clinton and Gore pushed the Telecommunications Act which has produced cosmically bloated Cable and telephone bills. Our Internet throughput speed is, for the average Joe, about 2 to 5 % (not a typo) of what it is in South Korea, where it is also much cheaper. They use our money to concoct clever structures for overcharging us for inferior service.

This is writ in gigantic letters for the military, with gold plated Buck Rogers gadgets and whole systems, mercenaries with stupendous “overhead”. I recall Halliburton’s KBR had (may still have in AfPak) the contract for delivering gasoline, jet fuel, food, medicine, by huge eighteen wheelers through dangerous territory. If anything, even a flat tire, stopped a truck, it was abandoned and torched if possible because there could be an uncontested requisition for a new truck with all the middleman skimming Vegas could wish for. Makes you wonder why the billions every couple of days did not provide security for the route – unless that would have made it less credible to torch instead of changing tires. What did the Siberian Railroad cost? As we both know, the Space Shuttle was a gargantuan boondoggle, a solution in search of a problem. It was an accomplice in the even larger fraud, the International Space Station. An entirely new Hubble telescope could have been created and lofted into orbit with no shuttle and no Hollywood “spacewalks.” We all were treated to spectacular displays of childish sentimentality for the last voyage of the last shuttle.

We have a true command economy where the national wealth is channeled to the connected and the lobbied. Not much thought for the end user, except from the very few and very brave Senators and Representatives (and State Legislators) who really stand up for the common man and justice, so deserving of all our support and admiration.

I guess we have to hope that the teenagers and twenty-somethings of today will revolt against this crap and the truly beyond-Swift Tea Bag Heads. After all, the Robber Barons led to some regulations and innovations, from the FDA and Income Tax to the Progressives; and the Roaring Scams of the Twenties led to the New Deal, currently on the chopping block.

True, these bastards, like Dracula, keep rising from the putative grave for more of our blood. But maybe future cycles will favor the Children of Light on a longer wavelength.